Certified IPC Trainer with 34+ years industry experience.  Member of several IPC committees to develop the standards as well as the associated training.

IPC Classes offered:

* JSTD-001 with Space Addendum CIT, CSE and CIS

* IPC-A-610 CIT, CSE and CIS


* IPC 7711/7721 CIT, CSE and CIS

* IPC-A-600 CIS

In addition to the standard IPC curriculum K & M Manufacturing Solutions can work with your staff to develop and deliver training specific to the materials, processes and/or equipment used at your facility.  Our training can be delivered at your facility as on the job training.

Services We Offer

IPC Training

Support - (410)-440-1730

Some popular training topics include:

  • Wave Soldering profile development

  • Reflow Oven Profile development

  • Cleaning and Foreign Objects and Debris (FOD) reduction

  • BGA Remove and replace guidelines

  • Machine specific training

  • Electrostatic Discharge Prevention and Control

  • Basic Component  Identification using IPC and common terminology

  • Basic Solder skills - Surface Mount Soldering, PTH Soldering

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